Matthew Hilton Studio

Traditional Upholstery

We have been working for many years with Coakley & Cox, a traditional upholstery manufacturer based in Norfolk in the UK, on our upholstered products for SCP.
All of their products are made by hand, using traditional techniques and materials that present quite a challenge.
Frames are made from solid timber, and they use non-petrochemical based alternatives to foam and fillings such as natural latex, horsehair and feathers.

Unlike an injection-moulded foam filling that will be identical every time, these materials all vary slightly during production and act differently throughout their lifetime and we need to take this into account.
Upholstery made this way has the feeling of good tailored clothing, there is not the ‘perfection’ you see in modern production, but there is evidence of skilled hand work and finishing.


The Balzac chair has been made at Coakley Cox since 1992.


Frames are hand-crafted from timber.


Traditional webbing and springs are used in the frame construction.